Possible Problem?


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I caved in and purchased a Gateway FX desktop. The specs on it are as follows:

8gb RAM
1TB Hard Drive
Intel i7 860 processor
ATI Radeon 5770 Processor

This system operates my Flight Sim X, all settings at Max.

So let me start from the beginning.

I get to work on Monday and decide to charge my iPod on the Fire Station computer. Later that afternoon, the station computer starts acting up and we run a virus scan on the computer. There were 300+ viruses or whatever found.

Tuesday, I purchased a Gateway FX computer. When I got home, it works like a charm. The only problem I had was with X Plane 9 being installed but no big deal.

I work 48 hours and have 24 hours off. Yesterday, when I got home, I get online and operate everything on the computer with no problems at all. I decided I could recharge my iPod. I installed iTunes also.

After the iPod was charged, I unplugged it. That was when the problems seemed to start.

I should also mention that I downloaded a few addon scenes and aircraft from the website flyawaysimulation.com.

Here are a list of some the problems I am having:
1) Sometimes at startup, the screens that normally popup, will not.
2) If I click on the start menu, sometimes when it opens I can not get it to close and the computer seems to freeze up.
3) When windows explorer is opened, sometimes it may actually go to the home screen, but lets say I want to browse youtube. After typing in youtube in the address bar and pressing enter, it will try to swap over to the website, but it will only have a blank white screen and at the very top it says (not responding)
4)I had to uninstall FSX yesterday and during installation it would freeze up. So I would have to restart the computer and had no luck yesterday getting it installed completely. I got up early this morning before coming to work to try a reinstall. Same problem. I had to restart the computer. I tried reinstalling but had to leave for work before it was finished so not sure if it actually worked.

I did finally manage to run the anti virus that came on the computer which was Trend AntiVirus. Not sure how reliable that program is though. As I was getting ready to go to bed last night, it seemed to have frozen and I was getting irritated with it so I left it alone. Got up this morning and it had completed and said that it had detected and fixed 2 possible threats

I went out to eat last night, and as I was leaving it locked up but I didnt have time to mess with it. Got home and it had completely locked up. I know it wasn't good for the computer to do this but the only way that I had to restart the computer was unplug it.

My thoughts are that possibly when I plugged in my computer at work, a virus got onto my iPod touch and was transferred onto my computer, am I correct? The iPod seems to be working fine though. I do have AVG Internet Security installed also.

Would it be possible that maybe the CPU Fan isn't working properly and the processor is overheating and locking up? It is under warranty so hopefully that will cover some cost of the work being done.

It was purchased from Best Buy so I guess I will have to get my wife to take it by there today.

Any help you guys could offer would be GREATLY appreciated.


Any possible cause I am thinking of would be because I have AVG Internet Security Software as well as the Trend Anti Virus. Could that be a possible cause of the problems?

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If you continue to have problems scanning with malwarebytes and the other antivirus software you have, try running the scans in safe mode and see if they'll complete without locking up (Hold f8 while booting to get to safe mode). This also sounds like it could be a hdd problem. Run a chkdisk to make sure everything checks out, instructions here http://www.w7forums.com/use-chkdsk-check-disk-t448.html. In addition to, or in place of you could use hdat2, burn the ISO to a disk and boot from that cd, let the scan/fix run, website here http://www.hdat2.com/. If its new, it shouldn't need it but you can always defrag too. One last thing, another malware / spyware removal tool that is free and very nice is Microsoft security essentials. I find that sometimes when malwarebytes doesn't find something MSE does. MSE site http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/. Hopefully this helps!


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I think I may have fixed the problem. I went onto another message board and one guy suggested that it could have been caused by having AIG Internet Security along with the Trend Anti Virus. So I call my wife at home and walk her through the process of uninstalling AVG. She said that she surfed the web with several different websites and it worked fine. Yesterday I wasn't even able to navigate away from the home page of the internet.

I will no more when I get home on Monday morning but it seems that as of now the problem has been solved.

Thanks for the help,