Possible problem with system sounds?


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Hi!. My name is ayesha, and I could really use your help with something

I am using windows 10 on a desktop, and I am basically having issues with the sounds (system sounds, audio sounds, etc)

it will work at the regular volume (or rather the volume I want), and then when it's time for a system update, the sound quality goes really low (not really low, I guess, but low enough that you can tell the diffrence)

I've checked the volume mixer, and all the sound settings are at 100 percent- but for what ever reason, I can't restore the sound settings without doing a complete system restore (which I've done, on a few ocasions) and it has fixed the issue until it's time to update again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Apart from playing my music, I play a lot of games with cool sound affects and it all sounds a bit.. Well, like their's something wrong.

Thanks for any help.

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