Possible New Build


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I just bought myself a Socket 939 San Diego 3700+ for 20 bucks, so I plan on using it to it's fullest. I am upgrading from a 2.8 P4.

I am trying to keep it under $200 for the upgrade, but I can't find a great video card for gaming and keep the budget under $200 shipped.
Here's what I've got so far...

Intel 875P
P4 2.8 w/ HT
1gb Corsair XMS Platinum
6800GS 256mb/256bit AGP8x
160gb IDE HDD
8x DVD Burner/16x DVD Reader
350 Watt Antec True Power Trio

Now, my thinking behind this is to get this motherboard:

And this Video Card:

But, this is where I am stuck.
I want a SFF case.

Do I get a cheapo 40 buck one, with no power supply? If so, which one.
Or, do I ditch the expensive video card, and get a cheaper one, and a SFF case with a power supply on it?
I also have a best buy $40 gift card I can use, if there is any reason to go there...


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I'd get that video crad for sure. Its pretty good, (at 880gtx would be the best, but really, for the dollar, what you've got is the best for the money.

as for the rest, I wouldn't bother upgrading the mobo to socket 939 becuase you would need a new processcor, and 939 is out dated (and an AMD socket, not intel)


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Well, I am getting a new mobo, because I already have the processor.
My board is not PCI-E, it's AGP, and AGP and DDR are at an end, plus, my processor SUCKS.

I am just deciding what to do for a video card and case.

Should I put the 350w Antec (Good) in a new SFF case, or buy an SFF case with a no-name PS, that's rated at 420w?


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I would stick with the Antec. Should be enough watts I think, unless your are planning on adding more hardware on there, you might need to get more wattage.