Pope's dead

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What are your guy's reactions?

I personally do not care... He said that the sin of homosexuality is evil, so I just don't really care for his opinions, nor his purpose. Also considering I don't belong to any religion..


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ok you might not belive in stuff he said but you must be able to respect him enough to at lest give a dam that he had died.
He has done so many great things prevented so many deahts and has brought peace to this world so many times.


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I dont agree with SOME of there ways. He was a good bloke and am sorry to hear that he has passed away. Im going to church tomorrow to pay my repects...

+ Im not an atheist so therefore do belive in god etc.

Im sure that know one is wanting to cause offence.


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I think its sad he died. I think its sad when anyone dies really. There are millions that looked to him for guidance.


yes it is sad he died, but I can't stand the fact that people here are placing a pope on the level of their own god. He is just a man like everyone else.

I'm atheist, so I don't really care. He lived a long life... and he was getting old..


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It's sad when ANYONE dies. But, he was a bit radical in his beliefs, but it's a tragedy for the millions that looked up to him.


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to be honest i dont care, i dont care for any religion

all i can say is dieing is a part of life, so RIP
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