Poll/Discussion (-ish) What Programs do you use?


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First of all I was wondering what programs everyone has installed on their computer (Other than the ones that came with it)

And I was also wondering what everyone used most frequently on their computer, Such as browser, Game, Messenger, Etc

So far the only thing Ive installed is Firefox, Gaim, Photoshop, RealPlayer, iTunes, Warez, LimeWire, Musicmatch, Pocket Tanks, and Like 10 cds on the desk yet to be installed lol

I use


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I've got: firefox fable:the lost chapters, black and white 2, counterstrike, half life (and all of the older mods), azureus, googleearth, warcraft 3, daemon tools, yahoo messenger, aim, msn messenger, limewire pro, nero (latest version) nod 32, AVG antivirus, sbc yahoo dsl, uguru utiliites.


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well, I took a picture as well since I have to much crap on my computer I need to get rid of :p
So heres two pictures, one of my desktop, another of my program list.

There ya go... sorry for how big they are, but it was the only way I could get them in that res.



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Well ... i´m using Linux right now simply because my Windows XP isn´t responding to me at all ... anyhow, the only program that i´ve had time to install is Opera ... i´m thinking of uninstalling it soon seeing as though installing it was kind of a practise to get used to using the terminal :(


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I use WinDVD 6.0 Platinum, CloneCD, DVDShrink, IE 6.0, Firefox, SNES emulator, Nero 6 Ultra, Doom 3, FEAR MP, and Office 2003 (mainly Word and PowerPoint right now).


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firefox, itunes, call of duty united offensive, aim, AVG free virus scan, xfire, and paintshop pro...I've got a lot of others, just pointing out the major ones used...


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Does anyone Know if there is a program you can use as the desktop image and take notes right to it? Or maybe have it display Live Computer Stats, Have a Calendar, clock, etc I had one that was a notepad but it was poorly done, and a Calendar once but dont know where I got it from