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I have a Polaroid BurnMax CD-R drive which I am unable to get to work with both XP and Win2K.

Does anyone have a clue as to how to fix it?
First, does windows find it, and does it work at all? Like will it read a data or audio CD? If it does, then you just need XP compatible software. If it doesnt, have you tried going to Control Panel, System, Hardware and checking to see how Windows lists it, and seeing if Windows has installed a driver for it? I went to the Polaroid site and couldnt find any reference to it at all, much less XP drivers. I am guessing that since Polaroid is not known for making hardware, that it was made by a 2nd party, and they no longer support it. You might pull it and look for Manfactuer sticker on the case, and then go the their site and see if they have drivers or firmware to dowload to upgrade it. Some firmware will boost the speed of CDRs. If there is no sticker, and Polaroid cant help, you might go to and online store and find a drive that has an idententcal face plate, and then try their downloads or updates. hope this helped.
how old is this burner?

guess thats the problem with buying things from people who dont specifically make certain things like plextor or tdk.
First of all..is it internal or external...
Internal drives don't have to be installed any drivers beacuse they are automatically installed no matter which company it is...

The second thing is does it really work...I mean does it read normal CDs?
Hi, new to the message boards. I am having the same problem. I upgraded to Windows Xp and it screwed up my internal Burnmax drivers. It detects it as a normal cd-rom instead of a cd-r/cd-rw. It reads music and data cd's, but when I run xp compatible burn programs, it doesn't detect the burnmax. I tried everything I know, and even tried to install the drivers for the external to see if it worked, but still nothing. Any suggestions?
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