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Ok, I sure hope I dont get Flamed for this..... lol

I bought the new GBA SP about a week ago and got Pokemon Sapphire with it.

I am a closet pokemon player, the GB games have been kickass since the beginning, its too bad they got so commercialized and now its like cliche for anyone to play it over the age of 16.

Screw that! The game is a badass RPG and has one of the most inventive game systems Ive seen.

So, Im just wondering, anyone on here like pokemon too? I was actually thinking about getting Chopper to host me some space and set up a Pokemon forum only for over 18 Pokemon gamers.

What yall think?

*Puts on Flame retardant suit*

PS- The GBA SP is soooooo sweet!
Umm... I stopped with the Pokémon fad ages ago, but I still occasionally play rounds of Pokémon R&S - whenever time serves.

Of course, I don't own the actual game, but I have other methods hehehe. ;)
Come on! I know some of you play these games! lol its ok to admit it! If so, PLEASE come down to my forums in the above link, I would really like to get it going! that, and im at work bored stiff!
I went there and signed up but theres not much to talk about. I will post somthin' soon Ecniv.
You play? Have you got ruby n sapphire yet? Yea I know we dont have many members, If you could just post a few things and check often, thats how we'll get things started up. And any advertising youd like to do wouldnt hut either, hehe
Blah I hate Pokemon myself.. but I too bought the GBA SP.. I got the Zelda game with it.. I love A Link to the Past...

So I am playing that and Windwaker.
I'm 19 and my girlfriend is 20. We've both been pokemon fans since the release of Blue and Red. We have Ruby and Sapphire also. I like the games but it seems that Nintendo is just trying too hard. They need to come out with new original pokemon. I don't understand why they took some of the old Pokemon out, including my favorite Scizor, and kept some in. I'm not really a closet Pokemon player. I've traded/battled with little kids before.
#include <iostream.h>

int pokemonDeath(int);

void main()
    int bashCount = 0;
    int pokemon = 1;

       cout << "\nI hate pokemon\n";
       pokemon = pokemonDeath(bashCount++);

    cout << "\nYAY..  Pokemon is finally dead!\n";

int pokemonDeath(int shotgunBlast)
     if(shotgunBlast < 6)
        cout << "\nSHOTGUN BLAST BAM!\n";
        return 1;
        return 0;

I would have put the above in the programmers section, but this is a pokemon thread. Feel free to move it if you would like.. I just thought you might find it funny.
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