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My Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Adventure! - Journal Entry #1

Well, today is the day that I begin my very own adventure as an official Pokémon trainer! I was greeted by the esteemed Professor Sycamore of the Kalos region and was asked a… well, strange question… he asked me if I was a boy or if I was a girl.... it must be a French thing… anyway, I took a quick look down, everything seems to be well and intact, so I confirmed that I am indeed a boy and gave him my name. The Professor (with his totally perfect hair, no homo) reached his arm out introduced me to the wonderful region of Kalos!

*Scene shifts from something out of the Assassin's Creed animus to my house*

Because I hate mornings, I decided that I was going to try and sleep in. Unfortunately, these plans went by the wayside as my pet bird decided to wake me up… BY DIVE-BOMBING INTO MY FACE. OUCH. WTF. THANKS BIRD. Anyway, I hopped out of bed, checked my laptop that my dad gave me, and even played a bit of Wii U because the console was conveniently placed right in front of a giant HDTV with a message from Nintendo that basically translated to:

“Hi Jay! We hope you enjoy your Pokémon adventure! Here's a Wii U – look, it even has a touch pad!


Please buy our system!

After looking at the clock I decided that it was probably time to get going, so I changed out of my pajamas and into a snazzy blue European tracksuit with skinny jeans, a red cap, and chick's sunglasses resting gently on the brim.


Like I said, it's French inspired so cut me some slack.

I went downstairs and was greeted by my mom who wanted to know how I was settling into the new place. We're not from Kalos, in fact, I'm not really sure where we're from, but I know that it's not here! Mom was a famous Rhyhorn racer that wanted to move here, so we moved into a snazzy new place in Vaniville town.

Unlike our old houses which consisted of only a single downstairs area and my room upstairs, this fancy new shindig has not only my room upstairs, but a living room/kitchen downstairs, and… get this… another tiny bedroom next to the living room which is presumably mom's room! Thanks mom for finally moving us into a luxury three room house and not giving me the crappy tiny room! You're the best!

I decided it was time to set off, so I opened the front door and was greeted by…






Well helllllooooo ladies!

The two girls introduced themselves to me and stated that they were here to come and get me.









…and show me into the next town to get a Pokémon.




The blonde is Serena, she's my super-determined new neighbor, and her crazy looking, hyper friend is Shauna. I followed them and was introduced to two more friends; Tierno, a big guy that has a picture of an ice cream cone on his t-shirt and also likes to break dance, and Trevor, the opposite of the insane GTA Trevor whom instead is shy and timid, and apparently has never gotten a single question on a test in school wrong… like, ever.


Tierno then suggested that since we're all apparently going to be the bestest pals of ever that we should go by nicknames. He suggested that I be J-Meister. Shauna disagreed, and shouted that I most definitely NOT a J-Meister.

Thanks Shauna, I'm starting to like you.

She then suggested that the group calls me “Lil' J”... thanks Shauna, I now hate you.

The bunch then turned to shy little Trevor who became nervous about being on the spot. Trevor then offered something low key, like Big J. The group finally turned to me and asked for my opinion. Well, because all of their suggestions were complete and utter crap, let's go with…



Yeah, Edge works.

The group agreed and said that it fits perfectly, and that from here on out they will call me Edge. As for the Pokémon, Tierno and Trevor had already received their companions earlier, so Tierno placed a box on the table from the Professor that contained three Poké Balls, one for Serena, Shauna, and myself. Having difficulty choosing, I pulled a dice out of my pocket and let fate be the one to decide, crossing my fingers, praying for the dice to land on either a 3 or 4 so that I can get a Fennekin and name it Mozilla…

1 or 2 is Chespin

3 or 4 is Fennekin

5 or 6 is Froakie


I let the dice fly and the result was…. a one! Alright, I can work with that. Welcome aboard Chespin! Sticking with the idea of nicknames, I decided that I was going to give all of my Poké pals nicknames to share a closer bond as Pokémon and trainer. I took one look at little Chespin and decided to name him Cresto!

After making my selection (because you know, screw ladies first, right?) Shauna selected Froakie, and Serena followed with Fennekin. Trevor then went on and on, spewing out some smart guy blah blah blah stuff about the Professor selecting five kids and wanting us to complete the Pokédex, blah blah whatever, I could care less about some Poké encyclopedia, I'm here to become a champion.

Tierno then chimed in and gave me a letter, saying that Professor Sycamore requested I give it to my mom… I made a suspicious looking face before shrugging it off and heading home. However, before I could leave, Shauna stopped me and challenged me to my very first Pokémon battle… let's go Cresto!


Wait a second… Cresto is only level 5 and already knows Vine Whip???????







And s*** all over her I shall, as it only took a mere two turns and a well-timed critical hit (a.k.a. crit) to wrap up what will probably be the easiest victory of my long journey ahead. Oh, and Shauna also gave me $500 for whooping her a**


I returned home and delivered that letter to my mom because everyone was egging me to do so. Before reading it, however, she was excited because she had noticed that I had a Poké Ball which contained my very own Pokémon. Anyway, mom began talking to herself, pondering what the letter could be about, commenting on the perfectly elegant handwriting, and asking if it's a love letter.


A love letter? Seriously, mom? Where the f***'s dad at?

Mom read the letter which, was basically a request from the Professor to allow me to embark on this grand Pokémon journey. I say screw that noise, I'M LIKE TEN YEARS OLD NOW, I DON'T NEED YOUR PERMISSION MOM… a few moments later and excited as ever, mom ran frantically around the house and packed me a change of clothes. She then wished me well and sent me off on my adventure. As I left the house, Rhyhorn woke up and said,


RRRHHHHHAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! (Which I think means “Good luck Jay!!!!!” in Rhyhorn language)

Mom came outside to see the commotion and had a laugh as this was Rhyhorn's way of wishing me well as he's known me ever since I was born. I waved goodbye to both mom and Rhyhorn and officially set out on my Pokémon journey!


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Off to a good start. A bit lengthy though 1265 words / 6871 characters.

Edit: I liked it when you met the two hotties lol
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There's a ton of story-related stuff in the beginning so it's probably going to be one of the more lengthy ones. This is sort of a strange thing to use as a comparison, but I'm looking at it like trying to do a sports broadcast over the radio. A radio commentator has the job of painting what's happening on the field, court, etc, because the listener doesn't have the visual. Most of the people reading this probably have no idea what's going on so I figured I wanted to try my best to describe exactly what's happening while playing rather than just list stuff.

But anyway, while playing the actual game and running through different routes, etc, it's more of an improv type of thing because there's not much going on besides random battles so it'll be more condensed.

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My Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Adventure! - Journal Entry #2 - Learning to Capture


As I set forth on my adventure, I made great time as I ran by Route 1, through Aquacorde Town, and over the bridge into Route 2. The pathway was blocked by some tall grass, so I decided to plow right through it.


Midway in, a wild Pidgey attacked!


I didn't have any means of capturing the Pidgey, so I reached into my bag and sent out Cresto to take care of business… and take care of business he did as the Pidgey scattered away in defeat. Upon exiting the tall grass I ran into Serena and Shauna again. Shauna invited me to come watch with her Serena taught us how to capture a Pokémon. Apparently her parents were great Pokémon trainers or something, so she's supposed to be really good at this. As Serena entered the next patch of tall grass a wild Bunnelby appeared!


Serena sent out one of her Pokémon to battle with it, weakening it to the point where she was able to successfully toss a Poké Ball and capture the Bunnelby. In pure amazement, Shauna cried out in awe, asking if the Pokémon was actually inside the Poké Ball.


After confirming that she is in fact indeed a few McNuggets short of a Happy Meal, Serena played the role of Captain Obvious and replied by asking Shauna where she thought her Froakie was right now at this very moment. Simply astonishing.

Serena was also kind enough to provide each of us with some spare Poké Balls, because she is apparently some sort of rich b**ch and had 50 of them. Shauna shouted to the heavens in pure joy about how she was going to look for tons of cute Pokémon and throw tons of Poké Balls out them so that they could become best friends forever.


OK Elmira, you do that.

I, on the other hand, was already planning my road to victory. I was on a quest to become the best Pokémon master the world has ever known, and to do that I knew that I needed to form bond with the best of the best. That's right, suck it Ash Ketchum, I was going to be the very best like no one ever was. In order to single out the strongest, I told myself that I would only seek to capture those with the eye of the tiger, those that like me, wanted to be the very best. I told myself that whenever I entered into a new area, I wanted the top dog in that area, and the top dog alone.

The easiest way for me to achieve this was to simply see who stepped up to the plate, and I would only attempt to capture the very first creature to challenge me and my team to battle.

With that being said I thought back to that Pidgey that jumped out of me. I retraced my steps, attempting to locate it, but instead was ambushed by a Caterpie! After a short duel between Cresto and Caterpie, I let a Poké Ball soar and watched as Caterpie was engulfed…

One wiggle…

Two wiggles…

Three wiggles…






Much like Caterpie, I took one look and knew that she looked her name would be Vettra. Yep, she looked like a Vettra; don't know why, just does. Welcome to the team Vettra!


With my new companion by my side, I traveled north toward the forest. However, before I was able to enter the woods, I was stopped by a youngster named Austin. He walked up to me and said that when the eyes of two Pokémon trainers meet, a battle must take place.


But I didn't look at you kid…


No, but you're looking NOW!


Well, ****.





Ahh screw it, let's do this ya little punk!

Youngster Austin sent out a Zigzagoon while I started with Vettra. Vettra hasn't had any real training to this point, so she would have been slaughtered by the Zigzagoon. Instead, I led off with her to get her some battle experience before switching to Cresto.


Two seconds later…


Now give me all of your money kid, I'm going into the Santalune Forrest!

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