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Well, me and overlord were throwing around some ideas in vent, and we thought it would be pretty cool to start up a little podcast. Now, my first thought was to get some t-f members on other then just our little clan, not necessarily it being a t-f podcast, although it would be posted here. Who knows, might end up calling it that if we get permission from Dave. Maybe 4-5 people at a time. Most likely being me and Steven in most of them, as a, it was our idea, and b i or Steven will be producing it. (the way we will be doing it is recording a channel i vent, then editing and stuff later.)

This is just an idea, no idea if we will actually go threw with it, or how often we would make one, but i thought i would post it here for some input.

So, who would be interested in in possibly being on the podcast. (needs a working mic obviously)

what do you think topics should be (i already have a lot of ideas, but would like to hear your input.

Would you guys actually listen to the podcast if we started putting them out?

I was thinking that thread for things that people want in that weeks podcast would work well.. For example, a question you want put on the podcast and answered, something you want us to talk about, or discuss. Something you want us to explain(this is where guest speakers would come in, if they had a mic, we could get the most knowledgeable person on the subject from the forum in to talk about it.
Also we could do reviews, of hardware/software we have used, or own. This could end up being very limited though, so this will probably only be on things we just bought, and we want to talk about it.

Would be really great if they could ask this is an audio file, for we could then replay it on the podcast for everyone to hear, but if thats not possible we can just read it off, then discuss/answer it.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun, just following the idea up to get some more input.
You would need Larry's permission. Not Dave's. Larry is the one that owns the site. I doubt he will give his permission, as there is already talks of something very similar to this in the works. So it would have to be something for your clan or something that is not at all related to TF.
^yes sorry, i meant larry. Yes, i figured he wouldn't go for it, as podcast could get out of hand or offensive. But i thought i would put it out there, anyway, still the same thing, if its not for tech-forums, it could still be posted here.
i'd be willing to partcipate in this as long as the timing was right. off the top of my head, there could be a segment about applications or special configs to a computer you make and explain why.
Ya, we have not done anything about it yet, or set any possible dates. But i'll let you know if when and if we decide we to do one.
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