please tell me whether or not this laptop is capable for my needs


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hi i am getting a laptop for christmas and i have found one for the right price but dont know whether it would suit my needs please help me.
here are the specifications:

1. its a hp. i like hp's so thats a plus
2. intel centrino core 2 duo t2050 1.6ghz
3. 2gb ddr2 667 ram
4. 80gb hd. this is a bit small but doesn't matter because if i fill it up i can always buy a external hd
5. 128 video graphics
6. 15.4" w hd screen. this is the perfect size for me
7. dl cd/dvd burner
8. pcmcia port.dont know what this is for. someone please tell me
9. 4 usb ports and 2 firewire ports
10. network, modem. is this like a built in modem?
11. carry bag
12. power supply
13. 4-in-1 sd card reader
14. web cam/mic
15. wireless internet
16. 1 year warranty

all this for $1050 aus

i will be using this for playing games like red faction and internet games.
chatting on msn, going on the internet,listening to music,watching videos and using microsoft office.

please let me know if this would be capable for my needs.

This laptop is perfect for your needs,it will play red faction no problem,and is more than capable of doing everything does have a built in (Most likely) Dialup modem.The PCMCIA Ports are for Adding extra features to the laptop sort to speak.If you want extra USB Ports,or want WiFi,You can buy a PCMCIA Card to add that feature to your laptop.


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Sounds like a dv6000 series. I have the dv6205us and could not be more pleased with it. I gave $600.00usd for it. It has the same setup except the cam ands only had 512 of ram. I took care of the ram real quick though.
I'm not sure about the pcmcia port though. Are you sure that's what it is? Mine has the the Express54 slot instead of a pcmcia slot.


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yea as setishock said, its prolly a dv6000 i as well have one, and love it, although what 128mb graphics card will you be getting? if its 6150 its not a gaming card... im not sure how intensive red faction is, but 6150 bearly play's css with the lowest settings possible, other than that i think your good to go..


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it well at decent fps though. i have this extremely old dell with a geforce 2/100 and i can play on low at 40-50 fps
desktop and laptop graphics are two totally different things, i play on 640x480 on my 6150go with my hp, it is bearly playable, 40-50fps is playable, 20-25 is bearly playable, 6150 is integrated, your dell is not, i know what im talking about