Please Review ZapMeta - New Search Engine


Beta member
Hello Everyone,

We recently released the official version of our meta-search engine,, after being eight months in beta. Please provide us your input on the following factors:

1. Speed - Fast? Average? Slow?
What do you think of ZapMeta's speed comparing to other meta search engines?

2. Advanced Search and Preferences - Useful or Useless?
Advanced search enables users to restrict their search and the ability to customize the output of their results. Preferences were made to work in conjunction with advanced search. In other words, if you change a value in preferences, it will also be reflected in advanced search if the value is present.

3. Design - Visually appealing or overloaded with graphics?
What do you think of our effort in trying to put a distinction between ZapMeta's design and the plain html design of most search engines?

4. Result Relevancy - On the mark or not close at all?
We wanted ZapMeta to return relevant results, so sponsored links will never be included in the actual results (unless selected in preferences). Along with our smart algorithm, ZapMeta is able to produce more relevant results than most meta search engines. Or at least that's what we think, :) let us know your thoughts.

5. Bugs and Errors
Please report any bug or error if you encounter them.

Anything you dislike or like? Please let us know, all feedback, comments, and/or suggestions are highly appreciated.