Please Help!!!


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My old Linksys wireless router went bad .... I bought another one and asked my computer guy to get it going for me .... it is working great expect for one thing .... Every 10 minutes, and I mean exactly 10 minutes I lose wireless availability ..... I click on the icon on the bottom of the desk top and a window pops up and asks me to connect ... I click connect and I have wireless again .... This happens, like I said, every 10 minutes exactly .... My computer guy is out of town because there was a death in his family and I do not know when he will back and this is driving me more goofy than I already am ... Can anyone help please???

My laptop is a Compaq presario 2100 with a built in wireless card ... Like I said it was working perfectly with the old router and it happens every 10 minutes with the new one ..... I think my guy did something to my laptop to time out but I can not find it ... is this possible??? Thanks Guys ....