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Ok my pc is getting alot of problems now and i guess im sort of a noob compared to people on here at computers n i have no idea how to fix this! My pc won't save or download ANYTHING! unless i right click n click on save, also tonight i noticed on msn that all of a sudden i couldn't move the mouse and all the contacts appearerd on my screen and the pc sent a msg its self saying "check out these photo's of us *link to a page*" n ppl saying the link didnt work, but i had to sign out n then in again so i could talk, i have Norten Internet Security if that means anything but i have to disable it so pictures n icons wil show, maybe doing this i have gt a hacker or a virus.. but please can somebody hellp me out with this problem i really have no idea what to do :(


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In your case I`d recommend trying STEP 4 first if that doesn't clean it up continue from steps 1 to 6. Let us know if the problem persists or if you get stuck.


STEP 1. First run online scans from the following (they may not clean your system but can give an idea of whatÂ’s infecting you):


trend micro:

Panda online scan (doesnÂ’t remove viruses but can disinfect some threats do not click on the option to buy):

STEP 2. Once those are done Clear the system restore points (if you donÂ’t want to do this move onto the next step but be aware viruses can infect system restores and can come back or still cause problems):
• Click Start >> Run - type SYSDM.CPL & press Enter
• Select the System Restore Tab
• Tick on the checkbox - "Turn off System Restore on all drives"
• Click Apply
• Then untick the same checkbox & click OK
• This deletes ALL restore points that had the infection and creates a clean one

STEP 3.Run STEP 6 at this point then uninstall your virus scanner and install each one of these and run a full system scan. Make sure to uninstall each one after its finished and run them in safe mode (To get into safe mode reset the pc then keep pressing F8 until a menu appears in which you can select safe mode some computers use F5, F6 or F7 to get the menu up)





Bit Defender:

STEP 4. Proceed to try these spyware cleaners and rootkit finders again in safe mode and full system scans.

Ad aware SE:

Ad Aware VX2 add on (To run this tool once Adaware is updated click on Add-ons in the lefthand column. Select VX2 Cleaner V2.0 and click Run Tool. Click "OK"):


Advanced Spyware Remover:

Windows Defender Beta 2 (need real copy of windows to work)

CWshredder(removes some browser hijackers):

Blacklight (rootkit remover)

To clear the Java cache follow these steps (if java is installed):
1. From the Start button, click Settings > Control Panel
2. In the Control Panel, open the "Java Plug-in Control Panel"
3. Select the Cache Tab
4. Click the Clear button inside the Cache Tab, which will clear your JRE cache directory

STEP 6. Download this program to clean your temp files and registry:



To keep the pc safe to some extent it is wise to use some of the following software or anything similar to them:

Firewalls( only install and use one):

Zonealarm :

Tiny Personal:

Prevention software:

Spyware blaster (stops hijacking of your browser and blocks spyware):

Spyware guard (real time monitoring for suspicious behaviour):

Winpatrol (real time monitoring of registry changes and suspicious behaviour):

Avorax shield (real time monitoring for spyware):

Bazooka (scans for spyware if any is found directs you to a website on how to remove it):
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