Please help me with this TV/Monitor! (lines)


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Hi Guys,

I have my pc connected to a 27 inch olevia tv via a HDMI to DVI 24 pin cable. I also tried VGA to VGA.

Every now and then I get "blinks of lines" on the screen. Then it seems to get worse and goes to all lines in horizontal patterns moving back and forth and I cant use it.

This TV is under warranty so I had them come service it. They replaced 2 parts one called a "T-Con" and 1 other thing I forgot.

They brought it back and I used it for a day and it did it again. I sent it back. They claimed they tested it for a week on a "test bench" and found nothing wrong.

Well tonight Im getting the "blinks". This usually happens right before it goes unusable.

I have switched cables, it does it on TV mode too. so its not the PC source. I also just switched to Windows 7 it was on XP before (not that that matters) . I showed the guy pictures when he came to pick it up and he immediately said it was a bad "P-con" or maybe it was "T-con" and then took it away.

Please help! Im getting tired of being TV/PC less for days on end.



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I was going to suggest a different cable, but then read that you already tried that. You got a bad TV it seems. You have to be really vigilant in order to get it fixed/replaced. After a couple failed attempts to fix it, I would demand that they replace it if I were you. This is what warranties are for.


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well the problem is this was from circuit city who went bankrupt. The people who handle the warranty is a separate company.

However I noticed CC website is back up but it give this disclaimer:

Purchases Made Prior to March 31, 2009
Customer service, including warranty claims, regarding purchases prior to March 31, 2009 from Circuit City retail stores or online cannot be handled by the new If you are having trouble with a specific product, you can click here to find the manufacturer support phone number and website for hundreds of the top PC and electronics manufacturers. Extended Warranty Programs cannot handle warranty contracts issued prior to March 31, 2009, or solicit renewables or replacements of existing warranty contracts issued prior to March 31, 2009. For orders placed prior to March 31, 2009 click here for more information.

Here is a picture of what im talking about. This is when the TV goes totally nuts and unusable and the lines move back and forth very fast and sometimes goes back to the original picture. Mine is a LCD tv not CRT like in the example below.