please help me with this keyboard imput jack thing


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hey guys, heres the background... my computer crashed, couldnt find the windows disk, so i loaded a free version of ubuntu on here... id pretty much rather owe the mafia 300 million dollars by 6 am than deal with this another day, my computer used to be so fast etc... anyway long story short, i found the windows disk and i wanna load it, well with ubuntu, you cant load the disk and click on it off the desktop, apparently you have to load the disk and when you restart your computer "press any button to boot from cd" well well well, my keyboards, and yes the work, (ive tried 6) dont work on the back of my tower. when i plug them in, the lights on the keyboard light up all at once, then off immediatly. ive tried moving it around the jack to see if it will light up but nothing. can something be soldered? someone give me some options here, id really appreciate it greatly

also ive tried usb cables, but they arent lighting up until the screen after my chance to "press any button"


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have you tried a keyboard that goes to the ps/2 port or were these all usb? My dfi board has an option in the bios to enable usb support in the bios and stuff. Can you get into your bios I guess would be another question since the computer would have to recognize the keyboard then and that is before it loads any drives (i.e. hdd, cd).
If you haven't already try a ps/2 keyboard, if that doesn't work then something weird is going on.