PLEASE HELP ME Problem playing DVD/VCD under Win XP.

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Hi, I have a problem with movies now that I installed WinXP. I had no problems with this when I had Windows ME. I had formatted my hardisk and did a full reinstall of WinXP (not upgrade)

I have some VCDs, SVCDs. I used to have no problem playing my VCDs in Windows Media Player under Win ME. Then, after installing WinXP Pro, when I play any movie, the top, bottom, sides of the movies, whether in full screen or non-full screen mode, all have about 2 inches trimmed off so I can't see them. I know because only the top 1/2 of the subtitles are on screen. Also, when I do a screen capture with MPEG2 player or WinDVD, it shows the WHOLE screen in the .bmp caught! Even the parts i don't see when watching (the edges). These same VCDs played well in my DVD player on TV and also under the old WinME OS on this machine.

I have tried various things and installed including Elecard MPEG2 player, Elecard MPEG3 Codec, and WinDVD trail version etc., just to try them all out. None worked.

I have been suggested that there may be a setting in control panel? Or that I should reinstall XP (which I don't know how to do as it makes me format my harddrive and I cannot "copy over" like I did for Win 9x and ME.)

Someone suggested that also that WinXP is not compatible with my video card. I have a Geforce 4 Ti 4200 from Grandmars. And that there is a fix for this. If so, where?

Please help!!!!
Someone suggested? then try it out m8... I mean, try diggin it up, check varations on you computer...
there is a codec in WinDVD site..
I can't recall it's name.. it worked for me afterward (but I don't use XP, hate it).
try finding this codec..
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