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Hello everyone! I need help building a new computer! I'm not new to computers in the slightest but I have never built one off a website such as where you have to get the individual pieces. I don't know every component in a computer and thats why I need help. I've built several computers I would like to purchase in the future off of but those are far more expensive then newegg. Could anyone please build me a good computer that is decent cost? I'll be using this new computer for World Of Warcraft, Half-Life 2 CS:S and thats about it. I'll need lots of hard-drive space because I record World Of Warcraft videos with fraps and the raw footage eats up HD space. I think a 1 minute segment is nearly 1 gig. The graphics card I want in this is a Radeon x800 Pro. The rest is up to you guys! Thanks a bunch!!!

EDIT: Should I go with 1 or 2 gigs of RAM??


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Welcome to CF!

Here is one i posted earlier for someone

Here is what I would get If I had 2,000 grand.

You can find slightly cheaper prices but is the best.

CPU- AMD ATHLON 64 4000+ -$718
MotherBoard- MSI K8t800 Neo 2 -$122
Memory- Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR400 1GB -$248
Video Card- BFG 6800 Ultra -$539
Sound Card- CL Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS -$87
PSU- Ultra X-Connect 500W -$89
Hard Drive- WD Raptor 74GB HD -$182
DVD-Drive- MSI Dual DVD Writer -$80
Total - $2065

One of the fastest systems out there.
You need to add a case.
You can downgrade the processor, RAM , and video card to a x800pro.

That will save you some money.

You can also get a different SATA HD with more space for the same price.


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I think airriox's solution is good, but if it was up to me, i would downsize the CPU and Video card, and boost RAM up to 2 gigs.


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Here's what I've made. Please check it for me to see if I'm missing any peices. I'll also post links to the parts so you can make sure everything will fit together nicely.

CPU- AMD Athlon 64 3700+ -$461
MotherBoard- MSI K8T NEO2 -$122
Memory- Kingston KVR333X64C25K2/2G -$420
Video Card- ATI Radeon X800 PRO -$460
Sound Card- Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card -$87
Hard Drive- Western Digital Raptor WD740GD 74GB -$182
DVD Drive- MSI DR12-A 12X8 DVD Dual Drive -$80
Case- RAIDMAX Black 10-bay Case with 420W Power Supply -$52
Keyboard/Mouse- Microsoft Multimedia Keybaord & IntelliMouse Optical Comb -$36
Total Price-1900

Question about DVD Drives, can they read normal games too? Or would I need to get a CD Drive as well??

Another thing, does not have the best prices. I'm going to compare the parts I just found off zipzoomfly with the same ones at newegg for prices becasue the x800 pro is 400 dollars on newegg compared to 460 on zipzoomfly.

Please look this over when you find the time so that I know everything fits into place and I won't order it then find I'm missing peices while building it. Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Where can I find some non-lcd moniters? I don't like LCD after playing CS at a friends house and having the screen basically chop and then all the walls disapear for a second.


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Go with this CPU i have its and its great. Its an Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester Core.

It will require a bios flash but MSI has this thing called live update where you can do it fairly easily.

The 3700+ wont fit in that mobo.

Go with this Video Card, New Egg and ZipZoomfly are cheap on everything but video cards for some reason. is the place for video cards.

DVD drives wont be able to read scratched cds as well but should read most cds fine.

You wont want to get that RAM either its junk. You need some PC3200 RAM. I suggest Corsair but kingston is fine as long as its "pc3200"

NewEgg is a good place for monitors.


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yeah the MSI NEO2 is socket 939, adn airiox has the 3500+ which is socket 939. but the 3700+ youre thining of getting is socket 754


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Ok, I'm going to build another PC that will fit into my budget a little better. Please check it out to make sure everything works together.

Case:RAIDMAX Black 10-bay Case with 420W Power Supply -$54
Keyboard/Mouse-Microsoft Multimedia Keybaord & IntelliMouse Optical Combo -$36
Moniter-ORION 17DFLB 17" Flat CRT Monitor -$107
CPU- AMD Athlon 64 3700+ -$461
MotherBoard- MSI K8M NEO-V Via K8M800 -$74
Memory- Kingston ValueRAM Dual Kits 184 Pin 2GB -$453
Video Card- ATI RADEON X800 PRO -$379
Sound Card-Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card -$87
Hard Drive-Western Digital Raptor 74GB -$152
DVD Drive- MSI DR12-A 12X8 DVD Dual Drive Retail -$80
OS-Microsoft Windows XP HOME Edition -$99

Total Price-$1982