Please help - Hard drive install problem


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:confused: I am installing a 750gb Seagate IDE Hard Drive in a Dell Dimension 4600, At the moment I have two Maxtor 300gb IDE Diamondmax 10's in there, the plan is to transfer all data to the new one with a new 150gb of space.

I am goign to use Norton Ghost to transfer the data.

When I put the 750 in position 2 and the 300 with xp on it in position 1 on the ribbon cable (they are both on cable select jumper setting) the pc does not recognise either drive, . If I just connect the 300 on its own the pc recognises it, when i just connect the 750 the pc recognises it, but put them both on the cable and it cant find anything.

If there is a genius out there who knows what the problem is please give me your divine wisdom.

The drives are Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB Hard Drive ATA/133

Part #: 6B300R0

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750 GB ATA 100 Internal Hard Drive

Part #: ST3750640A


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It might be somthing do to with setting one up as the master and one up as the slave, but i am not too sure.


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ok, so there is..
Primary 0 and 1, secondary 0 and 1.

From my experience, when I tried to use 3 hard drives and one ide cd rom drive.. I could not get them to recognize anything.. but when I unplugged the cd rom it worked fine..

i'm going to assume you have one ide cd rom drive installed.. try unplugging that drive then plugging in all three of the hard drives.. works for me.. though you can't have a cd rom then.. kinda sucks.. SATA is nice to have these days.