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Ok, we do journals in my english class and we had about 16 and i lost it. The journalls were like a paragraph long and its due friday. I was wondering if you guys could help me if you dont want to please dont post and go on about how i should do my own work....

So here is an example im gonna get started do as many as i can, if you have 5minz please just write one on a random topic...

THe 11th graders have pssa testing and i get to stay home. I know im enjoying it now, but come next year i know im gonna be taking it. I think the pssa is a waste of time and is a pointless test that just stresses high school kids like me out. Even though i love coming to school at 10:40 while all these other kids are taking the test. I hope i do well on it when it comes time for me to take it.

Something like that, YOu could say things like today my computer wouldnt print my paper make up BS please dont do all comp paragrpahs...I dont thought you guys might be able to help me out if not its all good..:)


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Spring break is in [insert number of weeks here] weeks, and I cannot wait, though i have heard that other schools around here are having it much earlier. I wish it was sooner because i cannot wait to [insert fun thing to do here] and [insert another fun thing to do here]. It is gonna be the best spring break ever

though that sucked, i hope it was okay, lol

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Yeah, that.. How fun it is to drive. How you can/do/should like to paintball. Why people kill people, not guns. Why gaming is so fun with an Amd. How nice it would be to have crossfied X1900XTX's. Why dell CRT budget moniters suck. Why the logitech MX518 mouse is the shit. How much Bazooka tubes kick ass. Why moutain dew tastes so good. Why everyone loves to hate Chuck Norris.