playing ROMs on my TV, usb controller help

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i have my tv hooked up to my computer 2 rooms away, the video is wireless and the audio is through rca cables.

i have a ton of nes and sega ROMs that i would like to play on my tv instead of sitting in front of my computer. so, i ran a few usb cables together from my computer to the tv(approx 30ft away) for the controller(gravis gamepad pro). also, i am running xp...

the controller works fine when plugged in directly to the computer's usb port, and works fine when plugged into one appox. 15ft usb extension, but not 2 15ft extensions.

i know this is becuase the length of the usb cables is too long to operate the controller(i get an error message saying device not recognized).

so, i need to know what i can do/buy to make this work.


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Or do what I did, buy a cheap P3 system and hook it up via S-Video to your tv to play roms. Yeah it's a Dell Optiplex but it runs everything from N64 and older so I've got no complaints yet.
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