Pixelated streaming?


Papa Chester
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We got rid of cable months ago and since then I've been chasing bottlenecks.

100m cable internet from CrumbCast
NetGear CM400 modem
Belkin AC1600 router
Currently running all Cat6 cables from router to Vizio Smart TV, PS3 and Apple TV. All Video is newer gold plated HDMI.

We stream through Netflix the most on the Visio TV and Hulu+ and movies through AppleTV.

We only use wireless for our two tablets and two phones....And a laptop that gets used rarely now.

Ok my main issue is that I randomly get pixelated movies that start really bad but clear up eventually and sometimes not at all. It's hit or miss and completely random and like I've said, I'm running out of ideas and patience.

Any help is appreciated.
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