Pixar's Wall-E


Golden Master
Looks interesting. Saw a few advertisements for the movie while riding the Metro line.


Fully Optimized
zKilla, you recommend it as a date movie?

Lemme put it to ya this way. It's mostly a love story. Let's just say it involves a very lonely robot but he meets a female robot, and falls in love with her. They both get to know each other a little bit, but then the female bot has to go back to the ship she was originally from because she collected a plant specimen from earth. So, she gets back to the ship, and Wall-E happens to follow her back.... And he raises all kind of hell on the ship, but it all ends happily ever after back on Earth with the humans returning, and Wall-E and the female robot (Eve) also live together happily ever after....

So, I say this. It may not be considered a date movie, but some people could interpret it is one, particularity the younger audiences. Give it a shot. This is the kind of movie that will make you feel lonely if you are single.... It made me feel that way.......
Oh ok. Because there's this girl in my neighborhood and I want to ask her out. I saw her at the pool and all, we barely talked as she was leaving. I even know where she lives because I saw her mowing the other day. So, hopefully, I'll see her at the pool again and get my chance. And hopefully, she doesn't have a bf...