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I have a reformatted hdd and have my cd rom to boot first and when I try booting up my pirated XP it won't boot it, I just get some error message saying NTLDR missing and I dunno what that means, but I'm hoping it's not a hdd problem and it's cuz the windows cd is just messed up or something. I'm thinking of buying Windows XP Home if this is the case, but I wanna be sure this isn't hardware related first.


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lol. dont even bother. get the real version and have no problems. plus, i heard that microsoft is going to start really tracking down on the pirated versions, with some bad consequences so i suggest u just go out and spend $100 and get the real version.


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lol. i was thinking the update. ur right. but still, i say its worth it man. no more trouble. pirated might be free or cheap but u have frekain annoying issues.


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when it displays the network loader or "ntldr" missing error it means your bootdisk is bad or you have an invalid bootdisk in your floppy... have you check to make sure you dont have a floppy in your fdd?? id check that first i bet you have your XP cd in and a floppy in your fdd thats trying to boot that is unable to.


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Don't be too quick to blame the pirated cd. I've used pirated versions of XP Home and Pro and they worked pretty good for me, for a Windows OS at least=) Anyway, I've heard that certain versions of pirated Windows is better than the original cos they block stuff like Automatic updating and certain ports that MS can use to get stuff about your PC. The pirated version of Windows i used had auto update completely disabled.

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Heres how you solve that problem.
If you receive the "NTLDR is missing" message, boot to a Windows XP CD, then press "R" to enter the Recovery Console. Copy X:i386NTLDR & X:NTDETECT.COM (Where X is your CD drive) to C:

Reboot :cool:

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you can save some money, by buying the upgrade, it should install on a blank HD, at some point in the intstall it should ask you to insert an old windows CD (not a recovery disk), and it should install fine
PS im not responsible if this doesnt work and is a complete waste of money, thats what i read in "upgrading and fixing PC's for dummies" (my bible of computing), i hope to god (for your and my sake) that Andy Rathbone is right. It should e fine though