Pictures of CD-RW

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Pictures on CD-RW

I searched and there was a thread like this but it never really got answered so Im just gonna start a new one.

I'm having a problem with a CD-RW full of pictures from my digital camera. I have always had a problem since I burned this CD but I have managed to get the pictures off once (about 98% of them) awhile back but then being to stupid to burn them to a working CD. Does this mean anything? These pictures are so important to me. I'm on XP and I put the CD in and then when you select one you see a preview... so I thought that would mean I could just Ctrl c and Ctrl v on my desktop but then I get that ms dos error. I havent messed around to much cause I don't really want to mess these Cd's up and no way in .... I'm gonna throw these away..

I burned them on XP and Im trying to view them on XP.

Need more info?
Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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