Pictures From 1GB USB Key Go Missing


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Hi, Readers!

I've been having problems with my USB key. It was plugged into my laptop for a while, and when taking it out and putting it back in, all my files and pictures were gone.

I didn't delete anything from the USB key. I had been uploading photos for Facebook while the USB was in. Could there have been a virus that wiped out the files? Could Facebook have something to do with this?

Now, when I plug the USB key into my laptop a bunch of unopenable files have these kinds of names for the files:
æ, ï, ŭ, Đ, ß

Can someone please explain what has actually happend? Is there any way I can get my pictures back? This was my laptop, with Windows Vista.



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darroll hit the nail on the head!! Although you can usually get away with unplugging usb devices without clicking the safely remove icon in the system tray, it is not a good practice. There is always a chance that you could wipe your usb drive clean. Sounds like that is the case here. Good Luck!!!


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Yeah its great practice to use the safe remove option, it was probably in use when you removed it so the whole drive is corrupt. Sorry hope nothing on that was extremely important im sure it happens to everyone though.