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When clicking on a picture in my pictures file, there should be a resize option for pictures over 64k, this does not happen and the file goes straight to Outlook. I have seen this on the list before from xplover who got no replies, does anyone have the answer?
I just open them up in paint, and then do stretch/skew, and like 50% on horizontal and vertical, almost no quality loss.
This seems to be quite a common problem with XP, but I couldn't find any documentation about it on the Microsoft website. You could try emailing MS Support with a description of your problem, but we all know that seldom yields any results.

Another option is to download the Image Resizer Powertoy and just right-click the image(s), click "Resize Pictures", and choose your preferred settings.
e-mail picture wizard

That happens because some information is missing in the Registry. Don't ask me why the information dissapears.

If you know how to edit the registry, it easy to solve this problem.

Run regedit
When the Registry Editor appears, click the plus sign next to HKEY_Classes_Root.
Scroll down until you find the extension of the file you are trying to email.
Highlight that extension.
On the right side panel you are probably missing the Perceived Type, which should be image.
If that is missing, highlight the file extension on the left, then click:
Edit>New>String Value
Type PerceivedType and press Enter.
Double click on PercivedType and in the value data type image
Click OK
If the Content Type is also missing, repeat the procedure just typing Content Type in the first case and image/jpeg (or whatever the extension is.
Close the registry and the problem should be solved.

Don't forget to backup your registry before you edit it.
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