Picked up the new Z77A MSI MOBO... OC Question.


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I'm hoping someone with the same GD55 MSI board reads this. I also own an Intel i7 2600k 3.4 sandy bridge.

This board comes equip with an OC Genie Option. It's a button on the board that you press in and it simply overclocks your stock specs to peak performance safely, if that is, you're not an oc'ing genius. Which I am not, still a newb.

I pressed the button, and boot into BIOS (which is btw, now awesome with the mouse features, images, etc..) to see that it tweaked the multiplier to 42 times 100.0 which would give me 4.2ghz (if i'm understanding correctly) The The CPU base frequency is at 10000 and can be increased in 10KHz increments. I didn't play around with any of that or anything and went into windows excited that it's boosted my cpu to 4.2GHz. I go to look at my computer specs and it still stays @ 3.4GHz... odd, I go back into BIOS and it's back to 3.4GHz. I swore I saved the option. I try again, and it doesn't give me those same specs.. So I manually boost the multiplier up to 36. Keeping the stock core frequency. Save, and check what my cpu is running at, and still, 3.4GHz..

Basically hope I'm doing something right? I'd like to get the most bang seeing as I've got pretty good performance pieces of hardware..

MSI Z77A-GD55, Intel i7 26000k@3.4GHz, Corsair H80 Heatsink, 2xSLi 9600gt nVidia, G.Skill DDR3-1600 8gig (2x4gig)

It shows in BIOS that my current clock is of 3.6GHz... But not in windows or my SPeccy software. AAHH, I need to learn more..

Any information & help is awesome. Greatly appreciated. Thanks again.