Physical Memory Dump Guide

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I took it upon myself to write this, it may not be good, but hey, it's worth a try right? And it may help someone.

This it to all my friends, or enemies, that use Dell, or anyone who has this problem.

Physical Memory Dump

I have seen quite a few computers with this problem, all Dell, and I have, one way or another, found a solution.

To the best of my knowledge, a Physical Memory Dump is a result of

a) A stick of RAM not installed right
b) Your hard dive is bad
or c) You have a Dell

When you get a Physical Memory Dump (PMD) your computer will lag up, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD :D) will pop up, give you a bunch of stuff that doesn't matter except the LAST COUPLE LINES. These lines will say something along the lines of

“Starting Physical Memory Dump”
Or “Dumping Physical Memory”

When you have this error you know its a physical memory dump.

If this happens (PMD choice c), there's not all that much you have to do. If you have a Dell, (choice c above) then you might be in luck, for Dell computers tend to do this once almost immediately after you buy it, you restart your computer and BAM problem solved, you have a couple months or years before this problem arises again.

Choices A and B

You may have a PMD error on the BSoD, you restart your computer and everything is fine! Until your computer starts lagging… Unfortunately, and I don't know how this works, it may lag for some hours, to my experience, and then get the PMD… that's why you cant just restart your PC if you have a bunch of lag after a PMD. If you restart your PC before the PMD, you won't know you have the problem... you will just think your computer sucks, resulting in you going to buy a new one. So after a PMD, leave your computer on to see if it happens again. If it does you have 1 of 2 problems

(When you have a PMD, you can get on your computer like normal, but it will lag. You will have quite some time before the second PMD but the time interval between the next PMDs will just get shorter and shorter.)

Take the back of your cast off, and make sure your RAM is installed right. Make sure it didn't jiggle loose or anything. If it did, fix it, and this should fix your problem.

If you have a dell, it's probably the Hard Drive (hdd, hard disk drive). Dell has a tendency to use off brand hdds, Fujitsus are the ones I see. Since your case is already open, while your checking the RAM, go ahead and pop that hdd out and look for the manufacture. You found that the RAM is not the problem, so go to the manufacturers' web site and find a hard drive test ( or this can be easily found by going to google, typing in the manufacturer then “hard drive test” after it). This is the one for Fujitsu, since I think this is the one that's going to be in use the most :D

Some people may tell you to run (start>run) MsConfig or Services.msc to speed up your computer. Yes, if you end some of the programs and take them off of start up, your computer will go a little faster, but ultimately it will not fix the problem.

ok, im tired, I have to poo, If there are any additions please post..
Hope this helps

p.s. Sorry if I forgot something, I was up till 7 last night :p or morning? lol 7 am :)

-Quincy - Captain Pooka