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Forums. They're everywhere. Almost every business or personal website you go to, you'll find a forum. Forums are great communities to use for your business, company, or just to create a community and release it into the World Wide Web.

Unfortunately, owning your own forum has requirements. First of all, you'll need a host that supports PHP and a database server, such as MySQL or MSSQL. Free? Absolutely, there are hosts that support this for free, but they definately not worth it. You get what you don't pay for. These 'free' hosts have hundreds of pop-up ads, banner ads, 40% downtime, and the worst support you could imagine.

But there is a place where you can get your own forum, and release it into the World Wide Web for an incredibly low cost.

phpBB Hosting by AdamR

We offer phpBB Forum Hosting, Template Installation, MODification Installation, On-Demand Forum Maintenance, and FREE support for our customers.

Check us out, and check out the great opportunity to get your own personal Community Forum into the World Wide Web.

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