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I am going to get a scorpion tattoo but honestly I suck and drawning and no photoshop right now. Just be creative if you want because I don't totally know how I want it.

I awant a mix of

But without the big stupid gem

body -

I want the color scheme to be black to midnight blue. Go ahead and be creative

Something like



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I have 2 tattoos that are egyptian symbols all I did was take the original symbol (in your case picture) then tracing paper over it and it gave me a template. From there I personally photo copied it so it would have harder lines than the tracing paper and sketch on top of it and alter the original copy by copy. From there I used photoshop for the coloring but in the end I just talked to my guy and we seemed to think alike so I told him to have a blast.

So my suggestion... pick a rough draft you want and trace it. Eliminates the need to fully photoshop one. Even if you suck at drawing some of the lines most tattoo artists (like the guy that did mine) can sit there and sketch out easily what you were going for before making it a template.

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I know you wanted a photoshop but have you checked out Tattoo Johny? They have almost 300 scorpion tattoo designs. Just select that from the list and browse. They have a pretty good selection of everything.
That's where I got my tat from. You have to pay for it but it comes with an outline too so all you have to do is give it to your tattoo artist and they can make the stencil. Also they have temporary tattoo kits that you can print a tat on it and "try it out" before you get it.

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