Phantasy Star Online???

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I was a huge fan of Phantasy Star ages ago and I was wondering if this new rendition is good or bad?

I've played this game for dreamcast and from what i've read nothing was changed in the gamecube version. But anyway I really like this game it offers hours of fun. Since you're a fan of the original Phantasy Star games for Sega Master System and Genisis you should like it as well because there are elements and a lot of references that tye back to those games.
This game is really good, it's one of the best online rpgs for console right now. By far it's the best PSO game right now with all the new stuff in it.

I kinda stopped playing it though..cause my character is lvl 138 and after a just takes too long to lvl up your character. So now, all i do is just bum around in the lobby and just chat.
I would get it, but id rather pay 100 for the game then pay 30 and then 10 bucks a month...
yeah, but PSO has so much replay value since you can play it online with other people all over the world.
Replay, as well as repay! Seriously, that's a rip, i bought xbox live so i could play it only to find out i need live and 10 bucks a month, and you have to have xbox live to even play it!
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