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You just gave Celery an excuse to hammer us with more cute photos of his cats over the Chit Chat thread :p

Among them Barker is my type ;)

I don't keep pets at home as I believe it does them harm to their nature and freedom, but that's just my Etch Ow (humble opinion). If I'm to do it, it wold be either a Bengal cat or a genie pig (or whatever the spelling is haha).
I doubt dogs mind being in homes. Out there they would be hungry and thirsty all the time. Even in their natural habitat. Now I'm not saying we keep dogs to do them a favour, but it's certainly better for them.

It is different to keep a polar bear in India of course or a big wild animal in a 2x2 cage with other big wild animals. That's just silly.

People tend to think that in nature everything is a picnic and that animals love it there, but that's certainly not the case.

Take Celery for example. He keeps his cats inside the house, but he lets them out every once in a while (I think, at least that's what people do here), so they are fed and they can roam around like they like to do. No predators, infinite food, a comfy bed and a loving human that takes care of you. What can be better than that?
me bro had lizards i dont like lizards and me girly is scared of em i got spiders me girly dont like come round me house in case they get out
I have a house cat Bobby that stays in. GrayZ was a house cat too but this alpha cat BS had gone too far so GrayZ is now an outdoor cat along with his bros and sises.

The outside cats are all feral. Out of 16 there's 6 left.
Is it true that pets are castrated, mating restricted and some new born (or some other cases) are put to death sometimes?
Some people neuter their dogs and cats. It prevents some diseases and makes them more relaxed. Although it seems to me most neuter them in order to make them stop messing up their couches. I never did that with my dog. Seems selfish and excessive.

About that other thing, why would you euthanize new born animals? I do know some older ones are, because of incurable diseases, to stop their suffering. We had to do that with my dog. He couldn't get up anymore, so we had no choice.

Edit: we did it after a huge tumor was removed, and after a few months it seems it came back and it was all over his body.
I can tell you from first hand experiences that feral kittens suffer greatly. Tom cats are cruel and diseases don't help either. Worms had killed some of our cats.

I have ended their suffering with a 9mm. No fun but had to be done. Then I got rid of the tom cats with a pellet gun because GrayZ can't handle them. GrayZ is my tom boy.

GrayZ has battle scars all over him.
my state, Indiana, requires you to get a breeding license if you have dogs or cats over 2 years old and you don't want to get them fixed.
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