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How about we take a quick break on talking about the technical issue that our PC has, and have some time talking about the pets that we have at home. Let me start telling you mine, I own a 12-years old Labrador. And yes, he is a bit old but he remains to be my favorite travel buddy. I always bring him along for an out of town vacation. I actually have a dog ramp so that it will be easier for him to get in and out of the back seat. He remains to be well-behaved and I'm so lucky to have him around.
She knows. My secret is to have a lot of things in common. We have a lot of projects that we love. Crafts, hobbies. Also, travel, camping and yes, fishing! She's my shotgun Ryder. When you have so much in common, it's not hard to stay together. That's our secret.:flowers:
We both have been married before. My first was 10 years. Hers was 8 years we been together and married for 28 years now and still going strong.
This is a nice thread and to add to it, My Mother has this chihuahua dog that looks just like the Taco Bell dog a long time ago from the commercials.

I would say he looks just like that ,except he doesn't have those big ears. Anyways my Mother passed away last year, and my brother and I have been taking care of him ever since.

He is a very lovable dog and he loves to eat baby carrots. My Mother got him hooked on eating those. :lol:
Barker with her first kitten:


My goofy cat Bobby:

Fisher (when we got him off the street):

Sweepee with her kittens (GrayZ's is one of hers):

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