Performance Assistance :)


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So my build, as you can see is in my sig:

I've had it together for a little over a month (at most) and to be completely honest, I don't feel it is performing where it should be, at a graphical standpoint.

I say that in reference to frames per second in MMO's like AoC and FPS's like UT3.

What are some good programs(monitoring programs) that I can benchmark my computer on?

I would then post some results for you gurus to start eliminating some possible issues.

Don't get me wrong, I run things very well; I mainly play Age of Conan at the moment with the following settings:

All set to the max(high), max visible distance on everything except grass;
x8 AA, unless it's pvp in which I turn off AA;
I keep "bloom" unchecked although I am not sure of it's use;
I play in 1920x1200;
Full reflections;
And unless I am in pvp, I use Shader3.0, else 2.x/0

So I've got the graphics practically maxed out, and it runs anywhere from 20 fps to 30 generally, with dips in the teens and poorly detailed landscapes reaching 50 fps..though things will fluctuate constantly, npc's/buildings/players disappearing and reappearing, minor graphical tears and sometimes improper textures load (I had tiger stripes on my face once!) Flashing lights and shading inconsistencies.

Everything in my Box is still at stock settings, the two cards are hot, but my mobo and cpu are almost always below ~40c under load.

Any help is appreciated, thanks !


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Almost too embarrassed to post these results from 3dmark:

3DMark Score
P5100 3DMarks
CPU Score
Graphics Score