pentuim 3 upgrate


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Hi dudes

I'm considering to upgrate my computer. I will upgrate one of these components. motherboard or CPU or videocard

motherboard: VIA Apollo Pro/133/133A PCI Chipset
but it only supports AGP 2X but my videocard (see below) supports AGP 4X including fast writes

CPU: Intel Celeron pentium 3 processor 633 mHz (66mhz X 9.5 multiplier)
i overclock the fsb to 83 mhz. so i have a total of 790 mhz pentium 3 processor (83mhz X 9.5) My motherboard support a FSB of 133 MHz. So with this processor my FSB and the MHZ of my memory turns on 83 MHz instead of 133.

Videocard: Geforce 4 MX 440 with 128 mb DDR
core clock speed: 250 mhz overclocked till 325 mhz
memory clock speed: 333mhz overclocked till 416 mhz. and it still runs fine with computergames

So which of the components above will i change to get the best preformance results. I know that a motherboard or a CPU are cheap in proportion with a videocard. So i will a upgrate that give me the best price qualities proportion.

and how many would i have to spend.

I have 2 more questions.

At home i have also a pentium 2 celeron processor 450 mhz at (100mhz fsb)
i have notist that my pentium 3 celeron 790 mhz at (83 mhz fsb) with tripple so mush MB of ram and a geforce 4 mx 440 is just a litle faster in games like unreal tounament, rune, need for speed 3, deltaforce task force dagger, enz…. (games that are at least 3 years old)
I must tell that my old computer has a voodoo 3 (pci) and almost all this games work with 3dfx.

So my question(s) are:

Will my computer go much faster when i buy a new intel INSIDE processor (example 1.2 GHZ) for my pentium 3 with a fsb of 133mhz fsb? is a bigger FSB mush faster?

Is there a big difference between Intel CELERON processors and other Intel processors (Intel inside processors)?

I ask this question because i don't want to play the new games of the moment, I just want a boost for my computer so i can play the old games with a boost of 15 a 20 fps in this games.


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Well i recon you should change the processor cause my bro has a geforce 4 mx 440 with a 2 ghz processor and it plays all new game fine and the geforce 4 mx is an fairly good card. Yes your computer will go faster with a 1.2 ghz it just depends what ya will be running for games maybe try and get abit more ghz but for other stuff it is fine.
Yeah - I don't know any minimum requirements but I know that its certainly not fast enough for some games I've heard of recently.

Problem being;

Killer said:
Is there a big difference between Intel CELERON processors and other Intel processors (Intel inside processors
Yes! By god yes! With the sort of specs you're talking about there I doubt you'll be able to put the processor in even if it was built for a P4! I'm almost certain that it won't take it. You want to double the clock-speed and that motherboard if not everything else and most of all the Processor pad are not ready for it. If you want a P4 in there - get your hands on an early P4 board! I would not recommend putting a Pentium 4 Processor in a Motherboard that was build when 1Ghz was something tested in labs and working in Microwaves! Hell! The bloody 1Ghz Processor they had when the 600Mhz was out hardly worked for 3 seconds before it blew up!
Yeah - but I still doubt you'll be able to get the P4 in the Celeron Slot - or that it'll have enough power, or that the Motherboard will be able to take it. Even if it was a P3 then I would still doubt thtat you could do it.


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Swap the processor or if you can afford it, swap the motherboard, processor and RAM, for a much more exciting PC experience. You will notice a significant difference with anything over 2GHZ and a minimum of 256MB RAM (512 preferred)