Pennsacola fishing forum speading keystroke virus


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Pennsacola fishing forum speading keystroke virus

I like to post on threads the other day my keyboard was malfunctioning double keystroke wrong letters ect. prior message was the super moderater (that hates me from another fishing forum I may have choosen the wrong user name could be the brain part of name who nows) criticizing me and accusing me of smoking meth Screen shot of what I typed.

I usalley get email notification on responses,

?1.when I click the link back to thread is this an attachment or a hyperlink. Or do malishish admins switch the link for an attachment where the keystroke bug is waiting?

The keystroke malfunction seams to only happen at the site.

Additionally google chrome is malfunctioning had to remove and replace w/ MS edge.

I have restored sys. To previous date.

?2.should I reinstall OS which is win7.

?3.since they have my ip address should I never publish at pennsacola fish?

?4.if this was in fact a virus attack do they have all my stored passwords for gmail & amazone?

I’ve never had anything like this issue so thanks for advice.

Attached image of issue.


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