Peer Guardian 2


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Hey everyone

I am using a programme called Peer Guardian 2 that blocks bad ips from websites. It is a very good progamme but when i open it to see who is trying to hack into my pc there is lots of ips from universities from around the world trying to hack in.

here are some examples.

Please note: the ips i have put in are fake, i dont want to put in the real ones incase i might get in trouble. But the names of the universties are real. Dont visit there websites because there are bad ips that hack into your pc. When i say hack i dont mean hack, i mean they sit inside your computer without your knowledge and record everything you do on the internet. Thanks to Peer Guardian i would never of known this. 0000 - Rijks Universiteit Groningen 0000 - Tilburg University 0000 - Swathmore College

there is also a few college people trying to get inside my pc, i find it a bit weird. Does anyone know what this means? its very scary. Without this programme all these universities and colleges will be sitting somewhere inside my pc without my knowledge they could also be in your pc right now.