PDA Graphics(sorta a rant...)


Daemon Poster
I don't think this is much of a forum for PDAs, but I was just looking for some opinions for those who might have them or of read up on them.

Last night I was looking up some info on the Dell Axim X50. It had some awsome specs to it. VGA screen, video out, WiFi, Bluetooth, CF and SD slots, separate GFX chip with 16 megs o_O But what got me is this game that is suppose to show off the graphics capability. It was some racing game that was a horrible blend of cartoony and realistic graphics. I don't know, I havn't ever tried it in person, but the screen shots look VERY disapointing. I've got games on my Axim X5 which is one of the slowest rated PDA's using the Xscale 400MHz processor, and the games I play on it look much better than that.

Well, I suppose you can't expect too much out of a device meant more for productivity, but with specs like it has(like 700MHz and that GFX chip) I'd like to think it would be much better...

Opinions? I'll find the game and post the screenshots if anyone's curious, along with games that play on mine...