PCI.SYS ERROR - Toshiba Sat Pro Laptop


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I have recently experienced a problem with my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 running XP. Yes, I know it is getting on abit and is abit slow at only 700mhz, but it is all I have!

Basically, I suddenly got the blue screen of death when I moved my laptop. I rebooted it, and then got a message saying that the pci.sys file might be miising or corrupt. Windows gave me instructions to go into recovery mode and repair this problem. Alas the recovery mode kept coming up with an error.

I eventually diagnosed a faulty ram slot. I removed one of the 256mb of ram from slot b, and the computer works fine. I put the removed ram into slot a, and it worked fine. I put the original 128mb ram in slot b, and it crashed. So I assume that there is nothing wrong with the ram, but there is a fault with the slot. My computer has been running fine for about a year with the two slots full. It also seemed to be intermitent aswell. Sometimes it would boot fine with both slots full, sometimes it would crash when the pc was moved, or if the slot cover was touched.

I have since reformatted the hard drive, and reinstalled windows, but this failed to correct the problem.

Has anyone got an idea what the exact problem is, and how much they would estimate it would cost to repair?

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pci.sys error on your tosh

well. from what you've described it sounds like your 2nd memory slot may have a dry joint. this can occur with moisture and or the slot being forced. the best thing to do is try to look at the print on the reverse of the slot you may need an eye piece to see the solder tags. gently press the slot fixture to see if any movement on the pins. dry joints can fixed quite easily but it all depends how good you are with a soldering iron. NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED. Personaly I WOULDN'T DO IT. the print may be too small the work with. you may total the computer entirely.

Hope this can be of some help.