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anyone have a dell optiflex gx110? I'm looking for drivers for the pci bridge host for windows 98, and so far dell customer support has not been very helpful.
those links take me to the dell support page. could you please tell me where exactly you found the drivers for the bridge?
Seloce said:
I'm getting 404 errors.

Right click on the link then view the link properties, copy the link and paste into th browser. Then it will work.

Why does Dell make it so other sites cant link directly to there support pages anyway:confused:

I'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me where exactly within their site you found these drivers. I do have a business account I can log into, I just need to know where you're finding them.
It works but..try

bro, listen. you can not link to the file. the site uses cookies (I'd assume) and I cannot use the links posted to find the files. if you found drivers for the pci bridge host, PLEASE...heh...tell me how you found them. meaning, did you log into the consumer or business support page? did you search for them? from what page did you start the search? what was the exact string you used to query the search engine?

the techs at Dell are saying that the drivers should be in the intel chipset drivers (just got the newest ones off of Intel's site) but if that doesn't work I'm SOL. I'd love to find a sure fire way to fix this before October 31st as I'm doing all my formats that night.
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