pc suddenly restarts

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one of my older computers have this occassional habit of restarting, usually after XP boots. is this caused by hardware failure or is it an os problem? how do i go about the diagnostic proceedures?....help..please...
All of you with re-boot issues,

Check CPU temps, try new memory, turn off all power saving features in the OS and in BIOS.
CPU temp should be under 124F/50C for best performance. You may have stability issues (such as random re-boots) at about 160F/70C.

Disconnect the Cd rom,, or 2nd HDD if you have one,, (to determine underpower problem)

Ram could be the issue here,,,

Try using one stick of memory in the first slot.
50C = 122F :p

Post the specs on the system, and do as told in the above post. A BIOS flash usually helps, of if all fails, clear the CMOS (look up your motherboard's manual for that).
thanks for the suggestions! well, the system's a 1.7 p4, motherboard's a biostar m7sxd wid one 256 sdram in the first slot , 40 gig hd., 64MB mx440. temps run at max of 40C in full load, so i guess thats not the problem. power is also not an issue since it has a 475 psu. I have a strong feeling that its CMOS. WHat you guys reckon?
ok, thanks. i'll do that. if all else fails, then i'll probably have to do sumthin with the rig..thanks again!
have u recently installed new hardware ??? specially PCI slots..
if u did then try unplugging all ur pc cards and fix them again ( and double check they r correctly fixed..)
i had the same problem with a PCI modem , wn i just pressed over its edge to ensure its fixed , every thing went fine

hope this helps
turned out it was just software issues. reformatted and everything was back into order. enermax happens to be a good psu.
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