PC Specs

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Fully Optimized
KT4Ultra serial raid usb blue tooth
AMD 2400+
512 ddr 2700 ram
80Gig 8Mb Buffer
128 Gfource4Ti 4200
On Board sound soon to be upgraded.
Windows XP pro
Just Built my system last saturday 11/9/02
Took forever to get the amd 2400+ chip.
liteon 52x24x52 burner

It was my first post I thought I was on that page but Im getting to see how this works now thanks for the info. Pat
Soyo dragon + Mobo
Athlon XP 1600+
512Mb PC2100 DDR Crucial
20 Gb, IBM Deskstar
128Mb Geforce4 Ti 4600
C-media 5.1 Onboard Sound
If you're that intrested here. My Laptop Specs (PDF)

Windows XP/Linux RedHat 8.0 Dual Boot.
(1) One - Logitech wired optical mouse!!!!
Everything else is on the pdf file...:p

How could i have forgot about my beast!!! It's a POS!!

Compaq 4660 PC
333 MHZ Pent MMX!!! Yea, thats right baby!
256 MB Ram (Upgraded, that's about it in the upgrade department!)
Besides my LinkSys Ethernet card.
17" Monitor (Compaq M1725)
7.5 Whole gig hard drive.
Linux RedHat 8.0
56k blazing speed modem.
Compaq Ball Mouse.
Pepsi Sticker....ok this is getting pathedic!! I actually paid over $3,000 for this in '98, but it WAS TOP OF THE LINE!!! HAHHAHA...Ok that's enough about that pos.....
Whoa! my specs are just about the same.. Note .. the card has been upgraded and i have 2 4 gb hdd;s
Not open for further replies.
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