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Hi I have the following system with the following-specs, I bought ot last year from PC World for £699.99, its starting to slow down and hang.? Ive got anti-virus installed, and anti-spyware software installed, has anyone got any ideas?

Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
Pentium 4 Processor
Nvidia 6200 SE 256 MB
1024 GB Ram
260GB Hard-Disk
BT Broadband 2.2MB


I might be able to send a pc log for you guys to look at, but dont know how to?


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A. It can only slow down ;) .

To me it sounds like a system error, or drivers error or some sort of spyware/maleware that already caused damage to system files.

Ways to check it out is:

first way is trying to do System restore after you boot into safe mode, if that fails:

boot into safe mode, reinstall video cards drivers and stuff like that.

Then, scan for spyware and maleware.

If all fails I suggest to re-install the O.S.

If that doesn't work then you should start thinking about hardware damage or maybe not sufficient PSU... could be all sort of things though


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Format. You need to clear out crap every once in a while. There's probably a build up of junk so formating would be your best bet.


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cwiz said:
^^second that... thats the only thing that has worked for me

Third'ed!! especially if you havent done any cleaning for a whole year, the crap built up would be horendous and take ages to clean up so best bet is re format i think and your pc will seem like brand new!


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... You guys spam for no reason, I have already included this option in my own post.

But since people does not like to reformat so easily I also gave in addition some more options that might solve his problems, so why make another reply saying what I said in short words and then second and third it?....

Take no offense, I just dont find any sense in it though..



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Crap Cleaner



Aside from these programs you may want to use a registry maintanance program such as Registry Mechanic 5 ... crap cleaner has a simpler registry cleaner but I like to use this. (I downloaded it off limewire for free, shhhh).

As mentioned above, you also want to defragment often. I use a program called Diskkeeper 9.0 which automatically does this for me.

Aside from these programs there are basic XP tweaks which can help your computer run more cleanly and efficiently. I like this website Tweakhound .

You can start cleaning up windows with the basics - reducing clutter on your desktop, only allowing essential programs to load on startup (drivers, anti-virus), and going to add/remove programs and taking off programs you don't ever use.
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