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PC seemed to slow right down & sometimes hang. Increased memory from 96 to 256. Still encountering same problem. Any ideas?:confused:
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Whats the specs of your computer? Do you have any background programs running?

Running an Acer Aspire, AMD-K6 3D processor, 256 mb ram,
Have these programs running in background: CWD3DSND, RNAAPP, LOADQM, ATITASK,SYSTRAY, ATICWD32, ALOGSERV,MDM. Also have McAfee running. Not sure what they all are, or if I can eliminate them from STARTUP. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Your resources are a good way to check your usage.

Win9x/ME: System Properties, performance tab
Win2K/XP: Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), performance tab (shows available RAM)
if u want to disable programs from loading during startup.
goto startmenu>run> (type) msconfig and hit ok
goto startup tab and uncheck the programs u want to disable during startup.
This is not applicable for windows NT/2000.
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