PC shuts down and restarts


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Hi all! I'm new to Computer Forums and I'm completely computer illiterate so be prepared for some dumb questions! :p
A few weeks ago, I had a repair guy come out and look at my pc because it was making a grinding noise. He said the power supply didn't need replacing, it was just full of dust. (I had the power supply replaced 18 months ago). He cleared out the dust and it was running a lot more quietly.
But ever since then my pc constantly shuts down and restarts. It usually doesn't get past the welcome page before it shuts down and restarts again. If it does get to the desktop, there are no icons or taskbar. Anything can make it shut down, windows media player, any webpage, games. Usually it will load a game but shutdown about a minute into it.
When it starts up again I get a message saying "The system has recovered from a serious error". I also had the "Dr Watson Post Mortem Debugger" message come up once. There are also white squares around the icons on the desktop :confused:
Why did this start happening the day after the pc guy looked at it? It's never done this before! I've run disk defragmenter and disk cleanup. It shuts down during AVG scan so a friend put Spyware Terminator on there and it found a trojan horse. I got rid of that but can't remember what sort of trojan horse it was.
Well that's about it so far - phew!
I don't know much about my computer specs other than it's a Mercury Eclipse 2000+ VIA Samuel 2 796 MHz 224 MB of RAM. XP Home Edition version 2002 SP3. It's 3 years old.


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The reason is that the CPU is getting heated up very quickly,
Try some of the following steps below,
  • Check whether the CPU Fan is working or not
  • Check whether the 12V cable is connected properly or not

If above checklist is proper, then please let me know the following,
  • What is the CPU that you are using
  • Motherboard for the CPU
  • Any new applications you installed after the power supply was dusted
  • Have you overclocked the CPU



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uhm, cpu overheating wouldnt cause a "system has run into a serious error" error. Wouldnt BSOD if cpu overheated either.... does sound like a virus. Uh are you able to boot into safe mode?