PC replacement laptop


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I would like to eventually replace my PC with a laptop. However, here's a few additional nuggets that will hopefully result in better advice!

1. I want to work in my office, so I'll have an external keyboard and monitor, etc. while in my office.

2. I want to be able to take it with me when I travel, therefore I want the absolute smallest I can get away with (14" monitor is almost too big). I mention this becuase the "logical" replacement advice is always a 17" monitor, which I do NOT want.

3. I do web design and use quickbooks and am working on my first novel. I am heavily dependent on ms outlook for organization.

4. I do NOT like "synching" -- in other words, I don't want to remember to back up business files on a thumbdrive and take them with me to put on the laptop when I'm away, etc. I love the idea of simply taking my ONE computer with me. I also like the idea of moving to the dining room table once in a while or out on our deck and being able to work with MY computer and not have to worry about outdated files. I've already tried VNC type products and with wireless (in my experience) they are not suitable. using that or a "pc anywhere" type product results in a simiarl experience to using a 1980's PC running windows 95 at best.

So unless I'm missing something, my guess is that the answer is a super powerful 13-14" laptop with at least an i5, 4G ram, solid state drive??? I have never so much as played checkers online so I wont' ever need to address "gaming" specs. I still watch TV on a old tube type ... haha.

Any advice or direction would be wonderful.