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Right i dont know if its a hardware or software problem, but i think i may be able to cancel the software.

I am trying to sort out an old computer for a friend for his kids,

Its a 80486DX cpu at 66Hz, i was given it to reformat and do a clean install as he kept getting blue screens, it was running windows ME before i formatting.

Now i cannot get and operating system to install, tried Win95/98 and ME, but when it goes for the restart to install second stage of operating system it comes to a halt with the following:

Windows Protect Error: restart computer, some times with vfat and iso error.

Only once has it gone any further and then crashes with 15mins to go with a .....32 error

what could this be, does something need replacing, at the moment he is think of buying a new motherboard and cpu, as the system checks harddrive and reports no errors is it safe to say the harddrive is still ok.
i think that the whole system needs to be replaced...a 80486DX... i don't think that any OS would be able to be on it... only dos... i don't know, im not the one to ask about 80486DX's...
You should be able to runn win98se on there relatively well. Try writing zero's to the drive using the DEBUG scrip. Do a search on google for debug and you should find the script.
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