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Johnny Dagger

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what kind of memory should I get?
DDR memory or Rambus memory?
I also thought i heard that intel is not going to continue to suppport rambus in the future.
the cpu will be a 2.53 or higher p4.
Depends on if the Board supports rambus. I persoanlly would go with a DDR board, best bang for the buck.
LOL, guess Microbell summed it up.

For maximized performance, but at a higher cost, a board with support for DualDDR will be the 'ultimate' way to go, but anyway, a DDR333 based motherboard is more than enough for this situation (e.g. i845PE), however, other features such as AGP 8x (due to the fact the i845PE doesn't support it), aren't really that much performance-enhancing.
Soooo...summing all this ,, are we saying that a DDR MOBO with a SIS chipset for 8x would be the best combo right now,, *bang for the BUCK*

cuz,, my head is spinning thinking of all the impacts of everything i just read above,, and now i am questioning if i know the answer, against the new debate that has just happened here,,,

I wanna get the best bang for my buck too,, and not waste it on lost bandwidth,, maybe waste it on those cool neon lights, or surround sound speakers, or that sweet water cooling system,,

LOL :)
All this depends on if your a intel or amd person.. i personally dont like intel.. i think their cpus are junk.. always crash and always seem to have the most recalls cause they waste their time on stupid commercials instead of development and testing.

DDR on a nforce board works fine if you do more than one stick of ram... they are using the nforce boards from asus alot in benchtesting.. its gotta say something for that board and the cpu maker.

DDR has had controversy, but so has AGP... depends on what you really want.
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