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hey guys.

I was infected with a virus that was similar to Sirc32. It disabled Norton, hense it was not recognised. The virus also created a program called ouum.exe which hid itself in the recycle bin. I was only able to identify it was here because of the EndItAll facility.

The virus would slow the computer down dramaticlly.

I managed to delete the virus manually using the guide lines found on a web page. (was designed for Sirc32 but worked for this virus)

Now that it has been deleted, norton has been re-installed and functioning normally, my pc has become very unstable.

Opening windows and internet explorer are always met with Invalid Page Faults - Kernel32.dll.

Also, the BIOS's clock speed has changed from 1497mhz down to 1100mhz. is there any explaination for this? Is there any solution to the IPF Kernel32.dll?

I have far too much on my PC to format..

I really would appriciate any help, links etc.

You do not say what operating system you are running. Have you tried loading Windows over the top without formatting. Also system file checker may help.
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