pc freeses up after...

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my computer freezes after you leave it unatended for about 10 minutes if you are doing something and then you go and leave it on afr even like 10 minutes it will just be frozen or EXTREMLY laggy when you come back. anyone know why ti might be doing this???

Specs are:

Microsoft XP Home
celeron processer 1.20G hrtz
20GB maxtor HD
couple of things here,,

First check your Power Management settings in the Control Panel,, I like to set my timeouts to NEVER,, I will choose when to turn off ,,,

Second,, Check out if you have HIBERNATION enabled,, I personally hate this configuration, on a Lot of machines, this will crash systems at wakeup,,

Further,, in the HIBERNATION there is a setting for how much disk space to allocate to Hibernate to,, if you have a near full drive, and small swap file,, this will take time to wake up,,

Additionally, check your Power Management in your BIOS settings,, configure what you would like the PC to do there,,

So, you have some options,,, however,, I lean heavily toward the Power Management and Hibernation combination, VERY heavy on resources,,,

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